ShoeMoney – The Review! (Don’t be that Guy)

I’m looking at blog monetization cause I’d like Mailbox money – Who wouldn’t want it!?! Anyway, I stumbled across this guy who offers blog monetization in an hour of your time – Amazing right! So I’m hearing his story – and its all hunky dory awesome with money here and money there, rags to riches peppered in. and so I checkout his site and the first thing i see: HD body Shot, Catchy marketing, brand-logo-namedropping on the bottom, and then the cardinal sin: the Modal Overlay, promising riches, fame, women, carrots.


Worse off, the chump makes his cancel: “No thanks, I’ve got enough money!” So the next thing that catches my eye is the “Powered by Bounce Exchange!” I check out THAT website and come to find out an outrageous price is spent towards the almighty collection of email addresses. Is there some deep dark secret out there that email addresses are worth 60 BTC a pop or something? Seriously, I couldn’t imagine paying a company 3 Stacks a month for their shitty tier bronze service so my mind is blown that they are offering a A | B testing package, analytics up the wazoo…upon further reading I now see they also offer: Full Service Campaign Management, Premium Graphic Services, and Dedicated Conversion Director. If you ask me, those all translate into 1-3 potential persons to assist customers with building out fancier conversion funnel ads ala the same crappy modal dialog box I show above.  The worst ones are the MANDATORY ones that force you to think “you must submit”, helpless to avoid barraging your once pristine email account with Marketing-Spam.

But back to the ShoeMoney Review!:

So after closing the modal of death (by default if you need a modal box to collect my information – you have convinced me to not engage in business with you for you wish me much harm – for if you have what people TRULY want, why would you waste your own time spreading it – others are wasting your time trying to receive it all day, all night. Imagine, would you spend all day answering emails, if each email earned you $20? Unlimited income earning potential!!! Only problem is, eventually you would want to fish, or play video games, or get laid, or go on vacation, or smoke a joint, etc, etc. Building up an email list is only good for one thing – selling stuff to people on the list – as you’ve technically opted in) or worse, selling the list outright to someone else.)

Anyway, after closing the Modal Box of Death, I see he claims credibility through his ‘sheer number of facebook friends,


I see that he lends his credibility to his ‘claimed’ quarter million daily unique readers! That’s just kray-kray as Witney Cummings would put it! Notice how he doesn’t actually set the links to his social media pages here? You can get to them through his blog site. (for this article and the little time that I’ve put towards writing it, I will not investigate Mr. Shoebox further than facebook and twitter – please use common sense – fans, and twitter followers simply “liked” or clicked to follow one time and one time only. He may occasionally get 2-3 visits from the same motivated person, but its still a facade). I’m a little curious about the 99cent ebook to a million bucks, seems like an enjoyable read.

ease note, why is it, that someone, who claimed to earn 10 million USD from originating online affiliate marketing, couldn’t bother to update his wordpress theme? That’s clearly using WordPress TwentyTwelve Default theme, tweaked out slightly. It’s somewhat Sad actually. Anyhow, onto the reading!

His article doesn’t really convey much – puts out an autobiography while also releasing a free e-guide to email marketing. He goes on to say that there’s kickback money to be made if the book is released as free content in the kindle store and downloaded often (I guess like ad impressions?) Also, I see him mentioning buying up sketchy SEO Backlinks (seems shady but TIL about onehourindexing service – going to write about that another time too!)

Screen Shot 2015-02-25 at 5.32.57 AM

So this is where I now realize to never trust a word coming from this guys’s mouth:
He uses casual hearsay to convey how one book made him a million dollars = “I gained 16 new leads which I charged $5500 per month which is clearly a million dollars by now!” I got conveyed into reading it on the premise that his book in and of itself made him money, WRONG! He alledged that an amount was made from his newly added clients as a result. But what does this guy even do? He’s clearly not offering services as a writer or as a web developer. He’s actually an information salesman – all those sales funnels that you sign up for, he simply resells your information for a small, but tidy, profit:

Screen Shot 2015-02-25 at 5.06.21 AM

I almost felt bad (Almost :p) when I read this little comedy gem also on the the same so-called huge! facebook fans and shoebox brand loyalty page:

Screen Shot 2015-02-25 at 5.06.12 AM

So here’s to some shoebox Money:


shoebox money